Thinking a little larger than cupcakes? You can either go for a more traditional cake or something completely out of the box! We make our fondant from scratch using marshmallows and powdered sugar instead of that silly glucose stuff, so you know it will be delicious! You should be able to have your cake and eat it too.

Year of the Monkey

Banana cake with whipped cream cheese frosting

Topped with fresh bananas, crushed almonds, chocolate chips and caramel drizzle

Chocolate Nutella Cake

Rich chocolate cake with nutella, fresh whipped cream and strawberries



Rainbow cake with rice krispie arms and legs


Inspired by the comedy "Pootie Tang" and the founder's love for dinosaurs, a brownie chocolate cake with peanut butter nutella frosting

3D Systems

Vanilla and chocolate checkerboard cake with vanilla buttercream frosting

Wedding Cake

Two-tiered wedding cake with gum paste/fondant roses and leaves

Fun Fun Saturday

Final class cake for UEAA's Cake Decorating class