About Us

City gals that found each other among millions in the concrete jungle that is New York City through one interest of many: Ultimate Frisbee. Through the many adventures of traveling, devouring Peking Ducks and watermelons, dancing the nights away, and other shenanigans, they've made their way across the country to Oakland, CA. In the midst of their extracurricular activities, the two girls decided to join forces create something unique and creative. 


Joanna's (Founder/Baker/Lover of all things dinosaur) passion for baking started back in elementary school when baking Nestle tollhouse cookies at her cousin's house during school breaks. After a number of school bake sales, she became Wilton-certified through a cake decorating course at her local A.C. Moore, and since then has made plenty of custom for her friends and family. She is now ready to share her passion for creative cakes with the rest of the world. Aside from getting her inspiration from the many baking shows on Food Network, she was also a cake decorating instructor for a local summer program, where she taught kids ages 7-15 the fun and excitement that is cake decorating. 


Sophie (Marketing/Chocolate Enthusiast) brings to It's Jo Cake! her high energy and is amazing at getting the crowd excited about cupcakes. She has also become a pro buttercream maker and can appreciate a good chocolate mousse.